Ştiu Nu Ştiu (SWE)

• Northern Dark/Black/Post/Gaze-rock
• Label : Heavy Psych Sounds
• Territory : Europe
• Booking : jens@audiblemusic.dk
• Home Town : Stockholm

Beauty and ugliness need to co-exist. Melodies need to be destroyed by distorted mayhem. Melodies need noise, and noise needs to give way to structure and focus.

Ştiu Nu Ştiu started in the autumn of 2012 and consists of current/former members of high profiled bands such as The Presolar Sands, Totalt Jävla Mörker, Jeniferever & Cult of Luna.

The band has released 3 full albums – which has led to performances at events such as Roskilde Festival, A Colossal Weekend and has recently been announced for the Cult of Luna curated Beyond the Redshift in London where they will play alongside Napalm Death and many others.