• Hypertrash
• Label : Indisciplinarian
• Territory : World
• Booking : jens@audiblemusic.dk
• Home Town : Copenhagen

The world is ruled by speed. Speed which drives history forward in a state of ever-increasing acceleration. Such is the central claim of dromology; a theory of speed originated by French philosopher Paul Virilio (1932-2018).

It is on this premise that the new Danish-American metal band Terminalist base their conceptual universe. On their debut album, ‘The Great Acceleration’, released on the renowned label Indisciplinarian in 2021, they bring the dromological philosophy together with their own science fiction narratives as they describe a world in crisis and a planet in collapse being abandoned in favor of colonization of space.

Terminalist formed in 2018 and debuted a year later with the EP ‘Abandon All Liberties’, followed in 2020 by the single ‘Voyagers’. The four-man band harken back to the traditional and technical thrash metal of the late 1980’s, bringing it up to date by fusing it with black metal blast beats, death metal growls and grandiose prog rock concepts. The result is modern in its concoction, yet retro in its appeal; a style the band itself has dubbed hyperthrash.

On the live front Terminalist have proven themselves as a competent and efficient unit which audiences at among other Copenhell Metal Cruise 2021 and SPOT Metal in Aarhus, Denmark 2021 will agree upon. In April 2023 the band will do a row of Danish dates alongside local thrash legends Hatesphere.

With a new album on the way, Terminalist is prepared to take another step up the ladder on the Danish metal scene. Like ‘The Great Acceleration’, the forthcoming release is also recorded and produced by Lasse Ballade (Slægt, Orm, Solbrud, Konvent among others) at Ballade Studios in Copenhagen. The sophomore full-length will be released in the fall of 2023.