Dirt Forge (DK)

• Post-Doom
• Label : Self
• Territory : Europe
• Booking : jens@audiblemusic.dk
• Home Town : Copenhagen

With the human visual field spanning 120 degrees the Copenhagen-based trio of Dirt Forge brings you the full 360. Heavy guitar riffs, chords and odd time signatures whirling around in a vortex of soundscapes, synths and interchanging roles of the instruments drag the listener through a lyric world of human flaws and inadequacies. Circling around progressive song writing there are no do’s/don’ts in the world of Dirt Forge – only ventures into the void of musical exploration.

A few years short of a decade of existence the band is on the verge of coming down with their second full-length album. Having spent most of the time in the wake of debut album Soothsayer touring – including stages at Children of the Sun Fest, When Copenhell Freezes Over, Sankt Hell and the famous Roskilde Festival – both domestic and foreign venues and playing shows with the likes of Dopelord, Crowbar, Church of Misery and Monolord, as well as a german tour with Sweden’s Mustasch, they have come around to record their third opus, once again with the skilled Chris Fielding (Conan, Boss Keloid, Primodial) at the helm.