• Hardcore
• Label : Indisciplinarian
• Territory : Scandinavia
• Booking : jens@audiblemusic.dk
• Home Town : Copenhagen

Unafraid of experimentation, loud, abrasive and renowned for their frantic live performances, Copenhagen hardcore quintet EYES are ready to take back the stage in a post-pandemic world.

EYES’s self titled 2018 debut EP and the 2020 debut album ‘Underperformer’, proved EYES as a band on its own path, with both heart and brains to match it. With its genre defying musical approach and introspective generational lyrics, ‘Underperformer’ marked an innovative freshness in the hardcore scene, while the remix release ‘Reperformer’ contributed to the band’s air of unpredictability. EYES’ new album is entitled ‘Congratulations’, even though there isn’t much to cheer about at the moment. The album is a further development of EYES’ sound and style with the band
focusing even more than before on melody, off kilter hooks and deep grooves throughout the album’s ten songs collectively shaping an unpredictable, rough rocking and catchy hardcore record.

Distrust among people and conspiracy theories, war and environmental catastrophe on the horizon, economic downfall and increasing inequality. The Western world anno. 2023 is the foundation of ‘Congratulations’ and its volatile, confrontational songs. Opposite the internalized thematics of ‘Underperformer’, the doubting self reflection has now turned into anger and a feeling of powerlessness towards a world, where the rich get richer and living conditions are worsened for everyone else.

Among the live merits of EYES are COPENHELL (DK) 2022,  EUROSONIC FESTIVAL (NL) 2023, GAFFA AWARDS (DK) 2023, MYSTIC Festival (PL) 2023, HELLFEST (FR) 2023,  ROSKILDE FESTIVAL (DK) 2023, BUKTA FESTIVAL (NO) 2023, WACKEN OPEN AIR (DE) 2023