• Sludge Metal I Noise Rock

• Label: Fysisk Format / Head records

Territory: World

Booking: jens@audiblemusic.dk

Home Town: Aalborg

Informed by existentialism, expressionism, and personal tribulations, Kollapse dig deep into the sounds of experimental rock, sludge metal, and noise rock. Dissonance, intensity, throat shredding vocals, and loud, heavy drumwork is the basis of their sound – a sound the band is constantly evolving. The band embodies the gnarled feeling of emptiness deep in the pit of your stomach – a tortured scream against the bleakness of the world.

Their album, Sult, from 2021 had the band working with James Plotkin and saw the band receive high praise both home and abroad. It was named “Album of the year” by May Contain Metal as well as receiving similar accolades from the Sleeping Shaman and Metal Sucks amongst others.

The band has performed on stages domestic and abroad and appeared at festivals like Spot, By:Larm, Tallin Music Week, A Colossal Weekend, Reeperbahn Festival, and When Copenhell Freezes Over. Kollapse have played with a diverse selection of bands such as Nothing, Yob, Pigsx7, LLNN, Møl, Imperial Triumphant and Orm.

Their new album ‘AR’ sees the band working with Jacob Bredahl and Scott Evans for maximum sonic carnage, with Brad Boatright doing the mastering. The album is gritty, emotionally messy, and overflowing with beautiful ugliness.