Meejah (DK)

• Post/Experimental/Alternative
• Label : Soon Records & Poclanos (East Asia)
• Territory : Europe
• Booking :
• Home Town : Copenhagen

Meejah is a Danish-Korean band relased on Soon Records in Denmark and Poclanos in South Korea.

Their debut album ‘Queen of Spring’ is centered around the 8 trigrams in Korean philosophy and taoism: Heaven ☰ Thunder ☳ Mountain ☶ Earth ☷  Wind ☴ Fire ☲ Water ☵ Lake ☱

The album interprets transnational identity, ancestry, allyship, loss & reunification. Nordic melancholia and Korean Han.

‘Queen of Spring’ is voted Best of 2021 by readers of Korean Indie and Meejah is nominated for the Danish Music Critics Award Steppeulven 2022 in the category: ‘Hope of the Year’

Meejah is the first band with an female Asian frontperson to be nominated for the award in Denmark.

The band takes influences from experimental, post-rock, post-metal, ambient, ethereal noise, gritty hiphop, tibetan singing bowls, Korean pansori singing and shoegaze.

Band members are Daniel Nayberg, Andreas Isbrandt Løvenskjold and Mai Young Øvlisen.