Offernat (DK)

Offernat is a cauldron of creativity where sonic landscapes are explored in a curious and experimental way, and where the most violent and dissonant are being set up against simple melodic lines and melancholic harmonies. Stylistically, the music can be traced back to genres such as black metal, progressive metal, doom, and post metal, all of which is set in a dark and gloomy framework.

Offernat is a Copenhagen based metal trio. In June 2021, the eponymous EP was released and subsequently the band has played shows in all of Denmark and on the most important Danish festival for new talent: UHØRT festival .

Offernat released their debut album ‘All Colours Retract’  on September 9th 2022. Shortly after they supported ORM on the entirety of their national tour.

March 29 2024 saw the release of their sophmore album ‘Where Nothing Grows‘ on Indisciplinarian.