Own Road (DK)

One of the Danish alt-folk scene’s finest songwriters is ready to take his powerful body of work to the next level, as Own Road takes the stage with his ever-growing repertoire of songs backed by an accomplished new live band

Never one to follow the latest trends, Own Road has for more than a decade charted his own unique course through the Danish music scene. At times this has led Simon Skjødt Jensen – the genius behind Own Road – down winding, experimental musical pathways; at others, he has kept to the beaten track of indie folk. Ultimately the destination is always the same: the great flowing river of song, which he has a rare gift for tapping into with melodies that feel at once brand new and ancient. Since the release of his debut vinyl Own Road in 2010 Skjødt Jensen has explored myriad facets of songwriting and made a name for himself as a vital voice on the alternative folk scene. Now he is embarking on a new chapter in the story of Own Road as he puts together a band. A band that breathes new life into the music – both the brand new numbers which can be heard on an upcoming LP due for release later in 2023, and old favourites given a chance to spread their wings in new arrangements that explore the songs’ deeper nuances.

Alongside Skjødt Jensen on guitar and vocals the new and expanded Own Road line-up features Liv Lumia Hurtigkarl (violin, backing vocals), Rasmus Prik Kalmark Andersen (guitar, backing vocals), Daniel Gudnason (bass) and Lasse Smith (drums, backing vocals).