TAN are the renegades in the electronic music scene of Copenhagen.

TAN works in a excitingavant-garde visual universe full of pastel colours and mix of glamorous and smashed-up.

Members Mathias Riis and Andreas Bengtsen have appeared in various gloomy postpunk and psychedelic music projects. The melodic and pulsating trance music of TAN brings new colour to the picture. The duo’s music fuses eurowave with catchy synth tunes-“a semi-warm Piña Colada stuffed with MDMA” as they say.

The band joined forces in 2016, and after a couple music releases, later on they played Roskilde Festival and supported acts like Orchestral Manouvers in Darkness (OMD), Nephew and Spleen United.

In a live setting wether it’s a huge arena venue like Royal Arena in Copenhagen, Boxen in Herning, festival stages or tiny dark night clubs TAN are known for their extravagant performances, where they bring the two drag queens Proxy and Ariel to the stage. They have also worked with various light engineer sand love to experiment. During their concert at Roskilde Festival they transformed a tanning bed into a light projector. Currently the group is working on a new EP