The Sonic Dawn (DK)

• Psychedelic rock
• Label : Heavy Psych Sounds Records
• Territory : Denmark
• Booking :
• Home Town : Copenhagen

THE SONIC DAWN is a rock band from Copenhagen, Denmark, known for their eclectic psychedelic style and hundreds of explosive rock shows across Europe. If you are looking for acid rock, look no further than to the rays of The Sonic Dawn.

Formed in 2013 by childhood friends Emil, Jonas and ‘Bird’, the band has released four albums to an international following. The music is often noted for its strong melodies and effortless blend of musical genres, from sitar jazz to heavy acid rock. Music that can take you on a journey.

Their visionary studio work and hundreds of concerts, have earned The Sonic Dawn a place as one of the top bands in the psychedelic underground.

The Sonic Dawn released their debut album, PERCEPTION on Nasoni Records, 2015. “A middle finger to the ‘get a haircut and get a real job’ generation,” as one reviewer interpreted it. The album was warmly received and has since been re-pressed in a number of reissues, including a remastered audiophile edition.

The sophomore, INTO THE LONG NIGHT (2017), came out world-wide on Heavy Psych Sounds Records, where the band found a home for future releases as well.

The band took an experimental approach to its inception. The music was written by day and recorded at night, during a month of complete isolation in a country house by The North Sea. During these years, the trio shared the stage with artists like Graveyard, Kadavar and Lorenzo Woodrose.

The Sonic Dawn’s third full-length, ECLIPSE (2019), was the culmination of a full year’s labor. It was recorded to tape and mixed in The Village Recording, with producer, Thomas Vang (The Savage Rose, Roger Waters) and cut to vinyl in Abbey Road Studios. Label mate and Californian desert wizard, Brant Bjork (ex KYUSS & Fu Manchu), handpicked The Sonic Dawn for fifteen beautiful days of European tour, leading up to Eclipse’s release, followed by another five weeks of album tour.

ENTER THE MIRAGE (2020) is arguably the most blazing and powerful album yet by The Sonic Dawn. It has an unusual live feel for a studio album, packing much of the raw energy and electricity that fans will recognize from live concerts. “A modern psych classic and early contender for album of the year,” wrote Shindig Magazine.

Same year, The Sonic Dawn appeared on WDR’s Rockpalast and broadcasted to millions of TV viewers.