Thot (BE)

• post-rock/industrial
• Label : Pelagic Records
• Territory : EU (minus Benelux & France)
• Booking :
• Home Town : Brussels

Following the release of their album “FLEUVE” on Weyrd Son Records late 2017, Brussels based post-rock/industrial collective THOT joined the Europavox network and then toured Europe all along 2018 and 2019, supporting bands like Ulver (No), Health (Us), Young Widows (Us) and performing in festivals like Dour Festival (Be), Dunk!Festival (Be), Bergmal Festival (Ch), Žižkovská noc (Cz), Soundrive Festival (Pl), Master the Music Business (Ro) and even Zandari Festa in Seoul (Kr). They also participated in Belgian artist Marie-Jo Lafontaine latest movie, “Brussels Swings” and have been remixed by Ben Chisholm of Chelsea Wolfe.

After their recent cover of Pink Floyd’s “What Shall We Do Now?”,  THOT returns with « Méandres », a 3 track EP written by the gang’s brain Grégoire Fray before the world froze in March 2020. These songs carry Fray’s obsession for electronic bass lines & heavy guitars, and witness the band’s journey which has been marked out by beautiful sinuous curves. This EP also contains a collaboration with singers of the polyphonic ensemble « The Mystery of the Bulgarian Voices ».

They are currently working on a new record, in which their unique blend of post-rock and industrial music will resonate with nature’s immuable inspiration.

THOT is Grégoire Fray (guitar, vocals, songwriting & production), Anaïs Elba (keyboards, vocals), Lukas Melville (drums), Michael Thiel (drums) & Stéphane Fedele (bass guitar).