Uno Soul (DK)

Put your hands on the wheel and floor the gas pedal. Uno Soulscurrent album release “Poppy” calls for a road trip in an oldcar.

Just drive into the blue. Let go of emotions, frustrations and set your heart free in company with Rasmus Troels Jørgensen and his indie rock fellows. You can headbang, feel the grooveandsing along to this raw and coherent piece of work.Uno Soul is a Copenhagen based indie rock and pop band composed of four genre experienced musicians.

Rasmus Troels Jørgensen formed the band when he was 20 years old. Since its early start, Uno Soul has recorded a large number of records but only a few of them have officially been released. This will changed on November 4th 2022, as the album “Poppy” was released digitally and on vinyl.

Uno Soul sits safely under the wings of indie rock and play experienced well-bred indierock/pop. Being happy rather than sad! Love and relationships are universal and everlasting themes, which Rasmus Troels Jørgensen looks upon and investigates  on this album. The heavy and the light-hearted.

Who is Uno Soul?
Accompanying Rasmus Troels Jørgensen (guitar and lead vocals), are a strong force of talented musicians from the indie rock scene in Copenhagen: Henrik Lysgaard Madsen on guitar, slide guitar and backing vocals (Emma Acs, Spektr), Jeppe Thiesen on bass (The Attacks) and drummer Per Mølgaard Jørgensen (The Blue Van, Dør Nr. 13).