• Afrobeat/psych/Soul
• Label : ILK Muisc
• Territory : World
• Booking : jens@audiblemusic.dk
• Home Town : Copenhagen

Vs DooM is a relatively new musical entity emerged from the meeting between singer,
composer, and multi-instrumentalist M. Rexen and his band and the avant-garde brass
orchestra DOOM. The ensemble is a collective, diverse, and activist-oriented big band that,
on its debut album ‘Live at Xenon,’ calls for resistance against monoculture, puritanism, and
the linguistic poverty of ideology through its engaging, imaginative fusion of afrobeat,
psychedelic rock, and soul.

The Copenhagen-based grand band Vs DooM is a living example of community as a musical
and human possibility. Before Vs DooM came into existence, the band was composed of two
separate entities. M. Rexen was a larger, flexible, and inclusive organism that toured and
recorded quite a lot, led by Michael Rexen, while DOOM was a large avant-garde brass
orchestra driven by composer Mads Lund Egetoft. There was an overlap in line-ups, and the
current fusion of the two orchestras seeks to retain all elements, including in the band name,
originally M.Rexen vs Doom and now simply Vs DooM.

Vs DooM is:
Michael Rexen: vocal, Henry Gibbs: vocal, Nina Baun: vocal, Liv Lumia Hurtigkarl: vocal;
Mads Lund Egetoft: saxofon; Lise Munch: horn; Mathilde Schelin: clarinet; Erik Kimestad:
trumpet; Kristian Tangvik: keyboards; Kristian Haarløv: guitar; Peter Danstrup: bass; Rune
Lohse: drums; Sylvester Kallesøe: percussion