• Dreamcore
• Label : Self
• Territory : Europe (minus Scandinavia)
• Booking : jens@audiblemusic.dk
• Home Town : Copenhagen

Better, Faster, Softer, Wildr!

New, Copenhagen-based quintet WILDR  is a search for vitality through tenderness, high tempo and raw desperation, drawing from a wide range of genres, spanning from ethereal dream pop to ecstatic hardcore noiserock.

WILDR’s manifesto is that of an emotional and energetic love storm. The belief that love can be found in the middle of mosh pits!

Formed in early 2023 by Anders Hvass & Mathias Smidt (also The EntrepreneursJærv and Farveblind) WILDR is based on a desire to create meaning and heartfelt connections between people, and WILDR has already established a reputation for being a deeply engrossing as well as bitingly intense live experience! 

In the autumn of 2023, WILDR released their debut EP “Dream In Color”. The eight songs on it are based directly on WILDR’s manifesto, which was drawn up by Hvass and Smidt even before the first song was written.

The manifesto and thus the band grew directly out of a highly challenging 2022, where both experienced personal crises putting health and emotional life to the test. This resulted in an intensified and renewed, sharp focus on what really matters.

Hvass’ and Smidt’s collaboration through WILDR became their medicine to find a footing through these crises and stand stronger than ever before – and thus became the sound of embracing life above all else!

WILDR’s second year opens with announced concerts at Danish festival stables such as CPH:DOX and SPOT, as well as having new releases pending for both spring and autumn 2024.