1976 is the solo project of Danish guitarist and composer Jacob Krogholt and also the year he was born. Since then, his musical output has been varied, touching upon indie rock, punk blues, progressive heavy metal and death metal in bands such Rising, Anti Ritual, Bjørst, The Corporation, Summons and Cyanotic. Common for these musical manifestations, yet differing in genre, has always been Krogholt’s focus on songwriting, melody, intricate arrangements and musicianship with the guitar and its potential as an essential component.

These traits are also present in Krogholt’s first self titled solo album ‘1976’, while it differs stylistically from his former output and even more so, as it is a purely instrumental record. 
‘1976’ was created from bits and pieces caught on phones, computers and Zoom recorders through the last couple of years, musical fragments representing moments in time, a period in life or a certain feeling or mood. The musical glimpses of life past have now been reimagined and unfolded in the twelve compositions on ‘1976’ displaying a pallet of disciplined, yet emotional music with a cinematic feel conveying sufficient space for the listener to feel, think and imagine herself.

The music on ‘1976’ has its natural basis in acoustic guitars, vintage synths, minimalistic pulsating beats from organic sounding percussion, and in addition the music is graced with wordless vocals from three of the most defining singers in Krogholt’s musical history. The compositions span from short and minimalistic acoustic vignettes to epicly structured full band like arrangements with heartly nods to both the warm tones of 70’s songwriting and production values and the 80’s chilling analogue dark wave aesthetics. All this is combined into a personal narrative of sentiment: A wordless story of one person’s journey so far – from 1976 to this very moment.

‘1976’ is released May 14th 2021 on digital formats via Audible Records